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Who We Are?

Conscisys Corporation provides IT systems design, programming, project management and web development services to a variety of business and government organizations. Our staff has broad experience implementing world-class applications utilizing the most widely recognized technology. Conscisys was founded in 1985 as a partnership and became an Illinois corporation in 1989

Conscisys develops and supports application development for its clients both on-site and offshore. Conscisys and its affiliates in Chennai and Ahmedabad, India offer a broad spectrum of technology services and have staff experienced in the most critical and widely used of today's technologies.

Where We Are?

Conscisys Corporation
1125 Mistwood Place,
Downers Grove,
IL 60515-1205

Telephone: 630-810-4444
Email: [email protected]



Since our beginning in 1985 we have developed or maintained applications for many clients. Some are listed below.

  • Supreme Court of Illinois
  • 2nd District Illinois Appellate Court and Appellate Court Clerk
  • 22nd Judicial Circuit Court Clerk of Illinois
  • 20th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk of Illinois
  • 18th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk of Illinois
  • 16th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk of Illinois
  • 15th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk of Illinois
  • 12th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk of Illinois
  • Techna-Flo Corporation
  • Global Risk Partners LLC
  • I2File LLC
Latest News
  • Conscisys e-filing services now used by more than 30,000 attorneys.

Conscisys Services

  • Case Management, Evaluation Scheduling and Reporting System Requirements Analysis, Systems Design and Program Implementation for a public agency responsible for the evaluation and reporting of evaluation outcomes. System provides workflow management, resource allocation, appointment management, scheduling, ...